Intelligence Representation & Reasoning Lab

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

How to build a single accumulative intelligence for more general and wider problems?

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We are always looking for strongly self-motivated students who want to dive into research for deep and fundamental understanding of AI.


23.07.10: ELSEVIER ESWA, “Feature Structure Distillation with Centered Kernel Alignment in BERT Transferring”
22.09.15: NeurIPS, “Spherization Layer: Representation Using Only Angles”
22.03.12: IEEE TNNLS, “Tackling the Challenges in Scene Graph Generation with Local-to-Global Interactions”
22.03.04: NRF Grant: “Development of AI for Canonicalized Expression of Trained Hypotheses by Resolving Ambiguity in Various Relation Levels of Representation Learning